Drummers from Exeter

Drummers from Exeter

Exeter has produced some amazing musicians and bands over the last twenty years! For such a small city we should certainly be proud of the likes of Muse, Chris Martin, Tom Yorke of Radiohead and Will Young all hailing from Devon or attending the University of Exeter! The have a combined sales record of over 200 million records and have played to over 25 million people worldwide, not bad going! To inspire you to become the next Dominic Howard (Muse) here is a short bio of the musicians and drummers that have made it big having started in Exeter! Enjoy!

Dominic Howard (Muse) was born in Stockport before moving down to Teignmouth, a small town a short way out of Exeter, when he was 8. At school he made friends with a certain Matt Bellamy who convinced him to join his band, then known as Gothic Plague, later Rocket Baby Dolls and then finally Muse. Bellamy had taken a year out after school to work on his vocals and guitar playing, which he continued to do so in the lower registar before in one infamous gig he realised that the crowd could not hear him resulting in him singing in falsetto helping them to develop that famous Muse sound! Howard uses DW Drums tailored to him due to his left handed style. He also uses a selection of Zildjian cymbals as well as his own signature series drumstick with Pro-Mark! His complex beats heard in songs like Hysteria should be the aim of any rock drummer to master - a true drumming great!

Other famous musicians from Exeter include Chris Martin lead singer of Coldplay! Born in Whitestone, Exeter he attended the Cathedral School in Exeter before moving to Dorset to board full time. It was at the University College, London that Martin met Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman with the four of them going on to form Coldplay after graduation. After the release of Parachutes, in 2000 to international recognition and critical aclaim the band rose during the 2000's to become one of the most sucessful British bands for all time - selling over 60 million records & packing out global stadium tours. With five number one UK albums as well as three in the US, Coldplay remain one of the biggest international acts in the world! They are fantastic live to with Will Champion being a quality drummer!

Thom Yorke (Radiohead) attended the University of Exeter in the late 80s, reguallarly DJing at the Lemon Grove and playing in his make shift band Headless Chickens! After his degree he returned to Oxford to continue playing and writing music for his first band On A Friday who later changed their name to the now infamous band Radiohead. The slow success of their song Creep gathered them a huge fanbase that gradually propelled them to the top of rock fame during the mid 90s. With five number one albums between 1997 and 2007 Radiohead are now seen as one of the most influential rock bands of all time, with Thom Yorke's unusal writing style and quirky guitar riffs being hailed as a true rock genius. 

Will Young is another famous University of Exeter alumni having attended  read Politics and graduated with a 2:2 honours degree. Upon graduation he moved to attend Arts Educational Schools in London and during his first year auditioned for a talent show named Pop Idol. Amazingly Will Young managed to win the competition beating Gareth Gates in the final, with his first album, From Now On, going straight to number one in 2002 Will Young quickly established himself as one of the UK's leading pop acts. His second album in 2003, Friday's Child, also reached number one in the UK album charts helping him to amass a fortune over over £13.5 million pounds! His next three albums all charted extremely well, two number two's and another number one giving his total album sales to date well over 8 million records - no bad for having entered a talent show on a whim!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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